Mass Building Tips
In This Special Report...

How your "body type" affects how you should eat to gain more mass!
How to "sucker punch" stubborn genetics to end frustrating plateaus with slabs of rock hard new muscle!
A big fat juicy secret for unleashing a flood of muscle-building hormones...naturally!
The ultimate muscle mass tactic to pump up your pecs...BIG TIME!

You're Not A "Beginner" Anymore...
So Stop TRAINING Like One!

Why 95% Of Guys Are DEAD WRONG
In How They Train To Gain Muscle Mass...

...And How To INSTANTLY Correct
The 5 Biggest Mass Building Mistakes
For Thick New Growth NOW!

By Best Selling Author & Fitness Coach, Jeff Anderson


Mass Building Solutions
Bodybuilding Breakthroughs For Massive New Muscle Gains

Q: I've been training in the gym for the last 2 years and while I saw a LOT of muscle gain in the beginning of my training, my progress has come to a screeching halt and I'm getting frustrated!

How can I jumpstart my mass building again to build more muscle?

A: Ahhh yes...remember the days when you first starting lifting?

Pretty much anything and everything worked and you could practically stand in front of the mirror and watch the muscle build right before your eyes, right?

Unfortunately you've stumbled upon one of bodybuilding's most frustrating challenges...

How To Overcome Mass Building "Plateaus"...
And Achieve Non-Stop Muscle Gains!

Fact is, everyone makes mistakes in their training. That's actually a good thing!

Mistakes are what allow you to know what works and what doesn't for building muscle mass specific to your body (IF you know how to test, track, and refine your results! I'll show you how in a little while.)

But while every guy makes some mistakes in their muscle building program, some guys make a LOT of mistakes...and that's where I can help you out...

Here Are The 5 Most Dangerous Mistakes
YOU Probably Make In Your Mass Building Program...

...And How To CORRECT Them To Build More Muscle Now!

Mass Building Mistake #1:
Not Eating Based Upon Your Specific "Body Type"!

Forget the "one-size-fits-all" mass building diets!

"Skinny" hardgainers, naturally buff jocks, and "chubby" guys do not have the same biological makeup and they process nutrients differently so why would they follow the same nutritional advice to build muscle?

And it's about much more than just "eating more or less calories"!

Mass Building Tip
Nutrition By "Body Type"

Ectomorphs: Follow a diet that is about
25% protein - 55% carbs - 20% fat

Mesomorphs: Follow a diet that is about
30% protein - 40% carbs - 30% fat

Endomorphs: Follow a diet that is about
40% protein - 25% carbs - 35% fat

"Hardgainer" ectomorphs have a hypersensitive nervous system which burns through calories at breakneck speed so they need more carbohydrates than someone with a different body type in order to build muscle mass.

The naturally muscular guys (the mesomorphs we love to hate!) have more testosterone and growth hormone and do very well in building muscle on a "balanced" nutrient intake.

And endomorphs who gain fat easily are more "insulin sensitive" so they convert carbs into fat quicker. They will do best with a higher protein intake which is thermogenic and will help them build muscle while burning the extra fat.

Customized Meal PlansAuthor's Note: Just knowing the proper percentages of nutrients and how they affect your body will make a big difference but most people still struggle with eating a proper mass building diet simply because it's TOO HARD.

"Counting calories" and weighing out your food is a real pain and in my opinion...not worth the effort...and not necessary!

Well stand by because I want to give you your own customized meal plan in just a minute! ($47 value...FREE!)

Mass Building Mistake #2:
Not "Cycling" Your Training Correctly To Eliminate Plateaus!

If you train intensely all the time, you'll gain only one thing...mass building frustration!

Even advanced athletes and bodybuliders have to correctly cycle their training to not only avoid injury and avoid overtraining...but to also maximize their mass building to gain as much muscle as possible.

Using "advanced" bodybuilding techniques like forced reps and going to failure all the time may "feel" like the way to train...but you only get bigger if your body can support that level of intensity.

How to cycle your training to avoid muscle building plateaus where you don't see much growth really depends upon how well designed your mass gaining program is.

The more intense it is, the more recovery you'll need and even taking a week off can yield new gains.

While other programs may train at such low intensity that they can be sustained year round for the "average guy" (but not really provide much in the way of muscle gains).

In another minute, I'll show you a completely new way of training that will allow you to train hard... train smart... and reveal your personal training cycle that yields the very best muscle gains for your body!

But first, here's a quick bonus "intensity tip" for you...

Mass Building Tip
Up To 20% More Reps With Jacked Up Intensity

Mass Building Workout EnduranceStudy: Researchers trained a group of experienced bodybuilders in 2 separate shoulder workouts with and without listening to music on a set of headphones.

Findings: On every set of every exercise, test subjects performed between 1 and 2 extra reps when they listened to music.

Whether it's Metallica or Tom Jones, listening to music during your workout keeps you focused and jacked for intensity!

Author's Note: In just a moment, I'm going to share with you a "Jedi Mind Trick" for actually forcing your muscles to "bend to your will"...and grow like crazy!

Mass Building Mistake #3:
Training For A Muscle Building "HORMONE CRASH"!

It's every experienced muscle monkey's dilemma...

Mass Building Tip
Hormone Elevation

Based upon your normal daily hormone fluctuations, your testosterone levels are highest around 7:00 am and again at
1:00 pm
during the day.

If you can train around either of these time periods your body will be 100% primed for a flood of natural muscle-building juices that will skyrocket your growth!

"Traditional" workouts are for pansies...and yet nearly all of the workouts you pull out of this month's muscle mag seemed geared for "steroid-juiced" pro bodybuilders that only build muscle if you're "pharmaceutically enhanced"!

Fact is (and most guys never even figure this out) studies show that your testosterone levels are obliterated in only about 1 hour of intense training.

So not only is all that "extended training" failing miserably at stimulating growth... can actually LOSE MUSCLE MASS by training too much!

Look...if you ever want to be a "mass building master", you'd better learn how to jack up your natural hormone release like the big boys!

Get in the gym...train hard...get the hell out...and you'll trigger a hormone release you'll feel long AFTER your workout!

Author's Note: Don't make the mistake a lot of guys fall into where they confuse "muscle fatigue" with a "powerful workout"! If you trained for 2 hours,'d feel like your muscles were hit hard and you'd be exhausted...but you'd also be seriously over-trained and not see a bit of new growth!

Oh...and if you REALLY want to know the secret to training LESS while building MORE MUSCLE MASS, then read on my friend...I have a surprise coming up just for YOU!

Mass Building Mistake #4:
Not Training For Total Muscle Fiber Stimulation!

It's a sad fact...but a very REAL one...

When I look to the left and right in any of the hundreds of gyms I've visited all over the world, I have to shake my head at the way these poor schmucks are choosing their exercises, how they're performing them, and yes...even what order they're doing them in!

Mass Building Tip
Chest Training

Most guys have no upper chest and struggle with targeting this area for growth.

Problem: Most incline exercises use too high of an angle and instead attack the shoulders MORE than the chest.

Solution: Use an incline bench that allows you to train at no more than a
30° angle for maximum upper chest stimulation - NO HIGHER!

What they don't realize is that their muscles are actually comprised of several different muscle types, but primarily what is referred to as "slow twitch" and "fast twitch" fibers.

Each type of fiber has a specific function in the muscle...grows under very specific conditions...and absolutely MUST be trained a certain way to ever see any mass gains!

Yet nearly everyone trains in a way that only focuses on one type of muscle fiber!

For total muscle fiber stimulation (and maximum muscle gains), you need to incorporate both fast "concentric" movements (that stimulate your slow twitch fibers) AND slow "eccentric" movements (that stimulate your fast-twitch fibers)!

Author's Note: You actualy have 7 TYPES of muscle fibers in your body! Your ability to build the most amount of muscle in the shortest time possible depends on your total fiber stimulation of ALL 7 TYPES!

I've discoverd a totally new approach to training that not only hits them deep and hard...but uses several advanced mass building techniques that dramatically multiplies their individual effects! More in just a bit...


(Include Author's note of "I have several free meal plans for you and exactly how to adjust each one based upon your body type (include image of meal plans)

Mass Building Mistake #5:
Training A Muscle Group Too Often (Or Not Enough)!

Should you train each muscle group once or twice a week?

Again...since everyone is different, some guys will be able to train each muscle group up to twice a week while others will see a decrease in muscle with even a basic mass building program.

How do you know which category YOU fit in?

A lot of it depends upon the actual training program you're using and there IS a way to "test" your own personal recovery cycle (more in a minute), but for most people looking to gain muscle mass, training each body part once per week with an intense workout seems to show the best results (see graph below).

Mass Building Tip
Science Speaks Out On Muscle Recovery Cycle

The following graph depicts the "normal" muscle recovery cycle for athletes following a typical strength training session of a single muscle group...

Mass Building Recovery CycleDays 1-3: "Damaged" muscle tissue from the training session is broken down and excreted.

Days 4-6 : Muscle tissue begins next phase of recovery by beginning to repair damaged cells.

Days 7+ : Muscle increases in mass and strength in preparation for increased workload.

IMPORTANT: Your own personal recovery cycle may be drastically different!

I have a scientific "test" you can use that will tell you your EXACT recovery cycle and the best way you should train to build the most mass. You'll learn more in just a minute...

Now these tips are all well and good...but NOTHING compared with some of my recent findings!

In fact, over the past year, I've been conducting some extensive research dedicated solely to "how to build the most muscle mass" and I've been shocked by the results.

Give me just a few more minutes and let me tell you about them now...

How To Gain More Muscle In The Next 4 MONTHS
Than You Have In The Last 4 YEARS Using
A Brand New Scientifically Advanced "Training Formula"
That Will Thrust Your Mass Building Into Hyper-Drive!

I know that's a pretty big claim, isn't it?

Well, I don't say that lightly and those who know my work understand that I can back up my claims!

The Muscle NerdFor those of you who don't know me, let me quickly introduce myself...

My name is Jeff Anderson, better known around the bodybuilding world as the "Muscle Nerd", Champion for the "Average Joe".

About 10 years ago, I got so fed up with struggling to gain muscle on my scrawny 6'2", 138 lb "skinny guy" frame.

I mean I had been lifting for years with only marginal success and I don't mind telling frustrated the hell out of me!

One day I was looking over some training notes at the gym from a program I was using way back when I was just a geek in high school and get this...

I realized that I was actually lifting the same exact weight on practically all of my exercises...and I'm talking almost 12 years after my initial program!

So I made the decision to stop listening to all the bone-head advice I was getting out of the bodybuilding magazines and muscle-bound jocks at the gym and begin my own personal research and dig deep into the scientific medical journals on the most bizarre experiments ever conducted.

And I gotta tell you...I've had some incredible successes along the way, packing on over 40 lbs of muscle and completely destroying my cursed genetic limitations!

But over the past year, my research has uncovered a completely new method of training that's blowing away all of my old records!

This Training Report Is NOT For Everyone!

If you're looking for information on how to do "interval training", "core workouts", or some other foo-fooey advice, let me save you some're in the wrong place!

The information I'm about to share with you is about one thing and one thing ONLY...pure MASS BUILDING! So...

  • If youre not seeing the same kind of muscle gains you did when you first started training and you're ready to stand shocked once again in front of the mirror as you stare at your new growth, then please read on...

  • If you're bored with the same old "do this exercise for this many reps" training routines and want to experience such adrenaline-jacked workouts that they'll have to drag you out of the gym kicking and screaming, then please read on...

  • If you consider yourself an "intermediate" or "advanced" gym junkie and are always on the lookout for the latest scientific breakthoughs in how to gain the most amount of muscle in the shortest time possible, then please read on...

Are you still with me?

Good! Because the secrets I'm about to share with you are all about YOU...the ones who are ready to grab their little marbles and take their mass building efforts to the next level!

YOU are the ones I dedicate my research to and I know you're going to be BLOWN AWAY at what I found because...

There's A GAPING HOLE In The Way Even
The Most "ADVANCED" Lifters Are Training To Build Mass!

And Here It Is Now...

Ask any trainer or open up any muscle mag to find out how to blast through "no-growth" training plateaus and the answer you'll find typically includes various "advanced" training techniques such as "forced reps"... supersets...change to repetition count...go "high volume"...add progressively more weight...take some time off...well, you know the list as well as I do.

Unfortunately, more often than not, these techniques actually do MORE DAMAGE and create even MORE CONFUSION as you stare into the mirror desparately waiting for the gains that never come!

Why aren't these training techniques working? Well, 2 reasons actually...

  1. Nearly EVERYONE is performing the WRONG EXERCISES using the WRONG TECHNIQUES the WRONG WAY at the WRONG TIME in the WRONG COMBINATION; and...

  2. They don't know how to use them as part of a total mass building program to achieve real results!

But the fact is that if done CORRECTLY, each of these "advanced mass building" techniques CAN provide some relief...but only for a short time!

So I set out to break down every advanced training approach I knew had merit and find the underlying factors that made them such powerful weapons in a mass building arsenal.

And I was amazed with what I found! You will be too!

Finally! The EXACT 5-Variable Training Formula
That's Shocking Even Pro Natural Bodybuilders In Its
Ability To Build Massive Size And The Strength Of A T-Rex!

Bodybuilder Brian Cannone"...An Exciting New Look To Mass Building!"


Thanks for letting me test out your new "Advanced Mass Building" system!

As a natural bodybuilding competitor and contest promoter, I network with a lot of pro-athletes and we share a lot of training tips.

But the way you've broken down these advanced training strategies and compiled them into a 4 week "muscle blitz" is absolutely UNREAL!

You've created an exciting new look to "mass building" and guys will go CRAZY over their new gains!"

Brian Cannone
Professional Natural Bodybuilder

My mass building research and experiments boiled down into 4 main objectives:

  1. Identify the most powerful "advanced" mass building training techniques that have been scientifically proven to build muscle;

  2. Isolate the individual components of what makes them such powerful training strategies;

  3. Test new ways to magnify the individual attributes of each of these components; and finally...

  4. Refine the anabolic process by combining each individual training component into a complete "system" that will shotgun new growth records.

In other words, I took only the most powerful mass building training stategies...and really ripped them apart!

And after 1 year of research, I was able to isolate
5 "Mass Building" Training Variables
that were responsible for giving each advanced training strategy their "street reputation" as powerful "muscle-builders" and "plateau-busters".

My Research That Blew Me Away...

You see, even though I was able to strategically isolate the exact variables that were responsible for so much growth, it wasn't until I started experimenting with various technique combinations that I REALLY started to see the "magic" happen!

Let me explain...

What I discovered was that specific combinations of each of the 5 variables had an entirely DIFFERENT effect on the body.

And by selectively "partnering" individual training components, I was able to turbo-charge their individual effects GREATLY!

Now taken individually, any ONE of these 5 mass building variables can have a dramatic effect on your ability to build muscle.

But when combined in the way that I'm going to show you, they actually MULTIPLY the effects of each other IMMENSELY!

A Revolutionary Training Method So Advanced,
It's Like Launching A
"Mass Building Ambush" On Your
Muscle Fibers That FORCES Them To Grow LARGER, THICKER,
And More "PUMPED" Than You've Ever Imagined!

Advanced Mass Building Book

Now, I'm not a big "car" guy (I can barely change my oil), but you can think of this method as if you were working on a high performance street car...

If you slapped on a new high-performance exhaust system, it may increase your output by 20 horsepower.

Add a bigger carborator and it's worth another 20 horsepower.

So you'd think after all this, you'd have an extra 40 horsepower, right?


Because of the two new systems working together for increased efficiency, they may actually give you a combined output of as much as 60 or 70 horsepower!

THAT is what my new training system does!

By precisely coordinating the most powerful training strategies to work together, the result is a mass building frenzy that's the equivalent of adding a new "exhaust", "carborator", AND a "nitrous-oxide" system to your muscles!

But Don't Be Fooled...

Training "Advanced" Does NOT Always
Mean Training "Hard"!

If you're thinking that the answer to building more mass means gut-wrenching workouts that leave your breakfast on the gym room floor...THINK AGAIN!

Sure, I'm gonna ask you to push yourself...

...but the key to the success of my program is in the precise coordination of these "advanced" training strategies...NOT in ripping your body apart and putting you in the hospital!

And now FINALLY, after 1 full year of research, experimentation, and fine-tuning, I'm ready to reveal my breakthrough mass-building discoveries to the public!

Here Are Just A Few "Secrets" I'll Reveal In
The First And Only Mass Building Manual That FINALLY
Allows You To Train "Advanced" ALL THE TIME...

How a simple "machine gun" training strategy can slather your body with a natural flood of muscle-building, fat-melting growth hormone! (Almost no one knows about this technique even though it's been scientifically proven in the gym!) (page 42)
How to achieve (in just 4 weeks!) such powerful momentum in muscle stimulation that your gains just don't seem to want to stop! (page 32)
An advanced "5 rep" training technique that blasts through muscle fibers like a stealth bomber...and sends you out of the gym with such a massive "pump", you'll need to turn sideways to get through the door! (page 64)
The "secret" to mixing up your workout you get even better results from every single set, every workout, every time! (pages 26-28)
How a simple "adjustment" to the last set of your workout can give you an explosive edge in triggering the most amazing strength gains of your life...GUARANTEED!
(page 75)
Why "skinny guys"...buff "jocks"...and "chubsters" cannot (MUST NOT!) eat the same way to build muscle...and how to easily adjust your diet to stimulate the most growth! (Ignore these simple changes at your own "mass building peril"!) (page 103)
A simple "test" that will FINALLY reveal the EXACT training frequency you need to follow (yes...customized to YOUR body!) to build mass as fast as humanly possible!)
(pages 89-90)
The most overlooked phase of your workout...and how to use it to become "Lord and Master" over your ability to build massive amounts of muscle AND brute strength... even in the SAME WORKOUT! (page 29)
The true "lifters" are secretly laughing at you because you don't know how to use this one piece of equipment! You may as well stamp "BEGINNER" in big red letters on your forehead unless you use this solution that I'm going to hand you on a silver platter! (page 86)
The correct way to use isolation exercises to hit deep into your muscle fibers with the precision of a Special Forces Sniper! (Almost everyone gets this completely WRONG... but not YOU after you discover pages 24-26!)
Why 99.95% of the guys training in the gym are absolutely clueless in how and when to perform this one "advanced" technique! (If YOU'RE currently training this way, you're missing out on a LOT of muscle!) (pages 59-64)
Short on time? This is your primary "mass building weapon" to build twice as much muscle in half the workout! (page 18)
The absolute best time to use a "bodyweight" exercise to stimulate your "power" muscle fibers to react with a mass-building meltdown! (page 77)
"Operation Tangle Foot"! The simple (yet POWERFUL) method of "bridging" muscle fibers to launch an assault that hits DEEP into every single cell...and slaps on mass like CRAZY! (My "war story" starts on page 45!)
The "hardest 60-seconds you've EVER had in a workout"...and how it will scare the hell out of your gym partners as they watch you blow past their personal strength records like they're standing still! (page 75)

So NOW Do You See Why I'm So Freakin' EXCITED?!

This Is NOT "Just Another Program"...

...It's A Can't-Fail, Step-By-Step Mass Building "SYSTEM"!

Mastering any ONE of these advanced training tactics is enough to make you the new "go-to" guy at the gym when it comes to dishing out advice on how to build massive amounts of muscle!

Yes...any ONE of them!

But as far as I'M concerned...that's not enough!

I don't believe in throwing you just another "workout" and letting you scramble around confused in the gym.

That's why I've harnessed the power of this amazing muscle gaining formula and developed a "paint-by-numbers" SYSTEM that will practically take you by the hand and walk you every step of the way to the biggest, baddest growth of your life!

Here are even MORE "hidden secrets" I have waiting for you along the way...

Earn INSTANT RESPECT from even the biggest "bad boys" at the gym as they watch you grow, grow, grow - week after week - once you master the one technique they've never even THOUGHT of training with! (But I'll show YOU on page 42!)
6 ADVANCED TRAINING TACTICS that will attack your muscle fibers like a band of deadly ninja assassins! (I'll even give you detailed step-by-step instructions on EXACTLY how to use each technique so no question is left unanswered!)
Are YOU a "95%-er"? If you're NOT, you'll NEVER see any significant muscle growth...PERIOD! (This is THE #1 secret for absolutely humiliating the big boys at the gym and you'll find it on pages 13-16!)
ATTENTION "SKINNY GUYS": You really ARE "different"! Your ability to pack on muscle depends upon this one tiny "change" to your diet you've probably never even thought of! (It's not your fault! Popular "mass building experts" has been telling you the WRONG way to eat the entire time! Get "schooled" on page 110)
A "5-Second Trick" that involves ZERO EFFORT...yet will pump up your arms, chest, and shoulders like NOTHING you've ever felt before! (page 65)
An advanced training strategy for going "behind enemy lines" to recruit "dormant" muscle fibers into new growth! (pages 58-59)
How I earned the nickname "Killer F.I.S.T."...and what it has to do with zeroing in on your Type I muscle fibers to provide YOU with "Killer R.E.S.U.L.T.S."! (pages 72-75)
A simple technique for properly combining volume with intensity to unleash a fiber-blasting assault that will have your muscles screaming for relief! (you'll actually FEEL a "shotgun blast" of anabolic hormones within 60-90 minutes after your workout!) (pages 70-71)
Cheaters Never Win! (or DO they?!) I'll show you an underhanded, dirty, rotten, back-stabbing trick for kicking your fast-growing Type II muscle fibers when their down! (Don't worry...they'll THANK YOU for it in pure, shredded MUSCLE!) (page 59)
The secret to developing such jaw dropping strength, your gym will have to keep ordering a steady supply of extra weight plates to handle your "demand"! (page 28)
Overweight? really CAN build muscle while burning off that disgusting body fat at the SAME TIME...IF you make this one simple change from page 106 that's custom tailored to your "challenged" body type!
Defeat frustrating training "plateaus" once and for all! Learn this secret to NEVER having to worry about losing momentum in your training (and how to shock your muscles into submission at will!) (page 33)


I wasn't kidding when I told you this was a "different" kind of muscle gaining program!

In fact...

I Personally GUARANTEE That
"Advanced Mass Building" Is Unlike ANYTHING
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Now this promise alone is worth sprinting to the order button right now.

And I'll be honest...after personally testing and seeing some of the best gains of my life during just the first 4-week cycle, I was tempted to slap on a giant $97 price tag simply because even at that price it's an absolute steal when you consider what you'll get back in solid muscle!

But look...I'm all about the "Average Joe"!

And to be frank with you, our economy right now just plain SUCKS!

People are struggling to pay bills...they're getting laid off...and I don't know about YOU, but it just cost me
65 freakin dollars to fill up the tank on my minivan yesterday!

That's why it absolutely sickens me that every "bodybuilding expert" seems to be RAISING their prices higher and higher to see just how much honest, hard working guys (ok, and girls!) like you will pay for their "secret knowledge".

But That's Not Fair To YOU, Is It?!

I know that during "hard times" like these, for some of us, hitting the gym is one of the only "escapes" we have left to rely on! You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

So for now, I've decided to slash what I SHOULD be charging for my "Advanced Mass Building" system so you're NOT going to have to pay the full $97! You're not even going to have to pay my "discounted" $67!

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Mass Building Workout GuideThe "Advanced Mass Building" Workout Guide
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This is the critical piece of the puzzle that pulls it all together and lays out your entire training program in a simple, easy-to-follow "mission plan"!

In fact, it's more like a workout manual! Every single detail of my amazing muscle programming strategy is laid out for you in a simple, easy to follow step-by-step formula.

Absolutely nothing has been left to guesswork!

Your entire "4-Week Crash Course" is completely planned for you, including targeted body part, sets, repetitions, rest periods, and EXACTLY "how" and "when" to use each of the ADVANCED MASS BUILDING tactics you'll discover in this system!

All you need to do is choose the exercises you want to use for each workout (from my specially customized tables of only the most effective "mass builders") and grab on to the weights.

I'm talking this is literally "fill in the blank" simple!

Mass Building ExercisesMass Building Exercise Database
(Downloadable .PDF file)

$19.75...Yours FREE!

Most of the exercises you'll find in the "Advanced Mass Building" System you should be familiar with if you've been training for a while.

But others may be totally new to you!

That's why I put together the perfect companion for the "AMB Workout Guide" because not only do I identify 70 of the very BEST "mass producers"...

...but I'll even show you which ones to do in the EXACT SEQUENCE you need to do them for them to work their magic! (Sooooo many guys really get this wrong and end up wasting energy and seeing very little results! Not any more!)

Plus you'll get detailed descriptions along with start and finish photos of every exercise so you'll never have to guess at the proper form for targeting each muscle group for obliteration!

Now, you could surf around the net and find most of these descriptions...but you wouldn't find all of them and the time you'll save with these "print & go" pages will make you breathe a sigh of relief that I've done all the work for you!

Weight Gain Meal PlansMass Building
Meal Plans!
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No more struggling with "counting calories" or guessing if you're eating correctly to gain muscle mass!

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I can't make it any easier than that (short of coming over your house to cook every meal for you! NOT gonna happen my friend! ;-)

The only drawback to these detailed meal plans (with complete, simple-to-prepare recipes) is that you'll no longer have any excuses for why you can't build muscle!

Just follow this meal guide custom tailored to YOUR "body type" and calorie target and you're guaranteed to grow!

Bodybuilding Software"AGT 5000" Body-Tracking
Software Program

(Downloadable .EXE Software Program for Windows -
Mac alternative available upon request

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The mirror and scale can be deceptive tools in getting feedback on how well your fat loss program is performing.

The scale doesn't tell you how much of the weight you've gained or lost is fat and how much is muscle.

The mirror...well, it can either be your best friend...or your worst enemy! Either has a tendency to lie!

When you sign up for the Advanced Mass Building Program, you'll also get my incredible "AGT 5000" software program that allows you to automatically track your bodyfat levels and your EXACT muscle gains/fat loss.

Just enter your calculated body fat readings and your body part measurements and the "AGT 5000" will then instantly tell you how much of your wait gain or loss was from muscle and how much was from fat.

You'll get valuable feedback on your progress through 2 separate graphs and you can even have multiple users on the program so workout partners or family members can track their progress as well!

Measure Body FatMilitary Manual Excerpt:
How To Measure Your Body Fat... Quick...Easy...And WITHOUT
Special Equipment!

(Downloadable .PDF eBook)

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Professional body fat testing is the surest way to see if your fat loss program is providing you with the results you're looking to achieve.

Unfortunately, testing can cost between $50 - $100 for each reading

This manual is a direct excerpt from the official U.S. military's Weight Control Manual...only I've simplified it for "civilian" use.

Learn how you can accurately calculate your personal body fat percentage in the privacy of your own home with absolutely no fancy gadgets or special equipment!

All you need is a cheap measuring tape from any department store and these step-by-step instructions straigth from my military manuals and in just 5 minutes you'll know exactly how much of your body composition is fat and how much is lean tissue...invaluable information for use with the AGT 5000 software!

Bodybuilding Mind SetWeight Room Warfare:
6 Tactics For Intense Training!
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This is the "no-nonsense" uncensored audio interview that founder and host, Jason White, called...

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best interviews I've EVER had
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One listen and you'll see why because I lay out 6 insane strategies to develop
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WARNING: One of these strategies are NOT "politically correct" and a few will downright challenge your belief system between what is "real" and what is "supernatural"!

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Bodybuilding Recipes5-Minute Muscle Meals
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  • Full Entrees
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Mass Building Supplement ReviewsAdvanced Mass-Building
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Over 60 MINUTES of the most advanced supplementation advice for packing on some SERIOUS MUSCLE!

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Advanced Mass Building

AMB Workout Guide

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Mass Building Workoiuts

Mass Building Exercise Database

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Mass Building Exercises

Mass Building Meal Plans

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Bodybuilding Recipes

AGT 5000 Body Tracker Software

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Bodybuilding Software

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Body Fat Guide

Audio Interview: Mental Warfare Tactics

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Workout Intensity Training

5-Minute Muscle Meals

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Recipes To Build Muscle

Advanced Mass Building Supplements

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Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews


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